Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Brainball's Been Tagged!

My big floofmonster (Flooficus Monstriconus, Momma calls her) of a sistur Brainball's been taggied by my friends Mr. Chen & Ollie! hehehe, she's really excited. She's never been taggied before! So here's Brainball, in all her Brainballitude, and man oh man does my sistur have Brainballitude 'cause she's Big Bad (but nice, hehehe) Alpha Cat around here.

Brainball here. I'm pleased to be tagged! "Tag" sounds like play, and I do occasionally like to take time off from my Alphra Cat duties to play. So, here we go:

Time of Day: My very favorite time of day is when Mom dishes out Stinky Goodness, but while everybody goes berserk on the counter, I sit on the floor and wait patiently and with dignity as befits my status. And going berserk is tactically disadvantageous unless you are a Viking Warrior, and an Alpha Cat must always be at a tactical advantage, even a benevolent Alpha Cat like me. Another time of day I love is when Dad snacks on peanuts and gives me some. I love peanuts almost as much as I love stinky goodness.

Day of the week: Thursday, or "Thor's Day" (Thor = the Norse God of Thunder). I would love to be the Feline Goddess of Thunder. Quite befitting an Alpha Cat, don't you think?

Season of the year: Spring / summer, thereabouts. I love warm weather because more bugs and crawly-critters get into the house, and I like to keep my Mighty Huntress Skills sharp (pun on my claws definitely intended).

Holiday: Valentine's Day. Why? All right, if you insist, I'll show my soft side (other than all my fuzz, that is). Valentine's Day is close to my little brother Mao's Gotcha Day, and I love my little brother Mao. I have designated him as my Successor in the Ballicus Dynasty.

Beaches: Nah. It would seriously compromise my tactical effectiveness to get sand between my (very) furry toes. I would consider walking on a beach only if I had Feline Combat Boots.

Song: "Broadsword" by Jethro Tull.

Flower: I love the irises that grow all along the side of the house. I can see them through the living room window. I have to keep an eye on them, though. They would provide excellent cover for anyone who happened to be hiding there, and I am diligent about patrolling our perimeter and looking out for the safety of my grunts (that would be Mom, Dad, Dorydoo, Marilyn, and MaoMao).

Talk show: Talk, schmalk. I prefer action.

Movie: G. I. Jane. Movie about a woman who completes training to become a Navy Seal and kicks serious butt. And though everybody calls me Brainball, my real name is Calamity Jane.

Soaps: *out comes a hairball from the Brainball*, mmm, excuse me. Aspiring Navy Seal Amazon Womancats don't watch soaps.

Beverage: Everycat says this, but... tuna juice. But we Ballicai mainly drink water. Tuna juice is a treat. Can't drink tuna juice all the time. Discipline is important, after all.

Fruit: I ate a grape once. Mom and Dad laughed at the funny look on my face. I never ate another.

Snack: Peanuts, Pounce, peanuts, stinky goodness, peanuts. Can you tell I love peanuts? I don't eat too many of them, but I get them for a treat when Dad snacks on them.

Food: Felidae, stinky goodness, Pounce, beef liver, and... (you know it's coming) peanuts.

Restaurant: Anywhere that serves sweetmeats. And I don't mean hamburger with ice cream, either.

I'll tag anycat who hasn't played yet. Thank you, Mr. Chen and Ollie! This was fun. Hey, I might get Dorydoo to do this tomorrow, if she isn't too busy perfecting her antigravity device.

All you cats out there remember to keep your tail high and your claws sharp!


Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Wow! I admire you Brainball Alphacat....can you teach me how to be an Alphacat? I try and try but Casey won't let me....


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Wonderful list, Brainball! I learned so much about you. :) You are a very intelligent cat! You clearly make a great alpha cat. :)

Around Your Wrist said...

excellent meme, brainball! you've got alpha cat to an art!


Parker said...

You are large and in charge girl! I admire that in a kitty! You remind me of ME!

The Meezers or Billy said...

Brainball, you da woman!!! great list

Daisy said...

Brainball, you are a very impressive Alpha Cat! And beautiful, too. You are my hero.

Karen Jo said...

I like all your answers, Brainball. You are definitely a superior Alpha Cat and beautiful, too.

Mr. Hendrix said...

wow, that is a great Alpha Cat list Brainball. You are obviously the Top Cat for a reason. Beautiful and capable. A perfect package.

Anonymous said...

Hello Brainball,

Great answers it was fun learning more about you.I love your beautiful fur :)

Mr. Chen and Ollie said...

Wow Brainball, that is one heck of a list! We LOVED learning more about you. You are so strong and powerful (we're a little scared actually). GI Jane? Navy Seal training? You rock! We see you more as a masterful Diana (goddess of the hunt, of course) than a female Thor ourselves. Our most favoritest answer though was your favorite holiday. How sweet!
You're a role model for kittens (girl and boy) everywhere.
Mr. Chen & Ollie

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Wow, nice list. Thanks....I am nut sure about the peanuts though.

Oh, can you teach Precious how to keep her tail high? She simply can't grasp the concept and it has a bend in it, and she holds it straight out.


Lux said...

Hi, Flooficus! We both like bugs, then! Peanuts, huh? That's one thing I don't think I've ever tasted ... I shall now, based on your recommendation.

The Crew said...

Have you tried cereal milk as an alternate beverage? It's very good.


MaoMao said...

Brainball here! Thank you so much, everybody, for your nice comments. I love being Alpha Cat. And for those of you who are wanting Alpha Cat tips, here are several very important ones: look as BIG as possible and walk like a lion... you know, swagger a bit. And yawn vvvvveeerrrry slowly -- that gives a nice Lion Effect, too. Also: perfect your Thousand Yard Stare. Definitely increases the Perceived Badass Quotient.

And cereal milk, hmmm...! Sounds intriguing.