Saturday, June 02, 2007

So You Think You're Gonna Brush Your Teeth?

Dorydoo sez: Go ahead, punk. Make my day.

MaoMao sez: I don't get it. Whattsa matter with the toothbrushes, Dorydoo?

Dorydoo sez: Haven't you noticed how, in their long, thin shape, they resemble... evil coffee stirrers?

MaoMao sez: Hmmmm.... I better take a closer lookit this.

Dorydoo sez: Toothbrushes might be the creepy cousins of evil coffee stirrers. And toothbrushes have bristles, which makes them even scarier.

MaoMao sez: Dang, you're right, wekitties can't be too careful! I'm gonna kick their bristly BUTTS! *whack*... (thud) bat bat bat... DIE, evil toothbrush, DIE... (dagnabbit, why won't they come outta them holes...)

Momma: No, MaoMao! Please don't kill our toothbrushes.(takes Mao out of the bathroom sink and puts him on the floor.)

Dorydoo (sitting on the side of the tub): *snicker*, I got Mao in trouble, I got Mao in trouble.

MaoMao: Sisturz. What are ya gonna do. I bet Ariel's proud of me, though, 'cause I'm such a brave boy.


Donny and Marie and Casey said...

MaoMao, you sure are brave! Next time, call me over, we fight those evil toothbrushes to the death!!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Thanks Mao...I actuallly got 2 ears ha ha!
My mombean puts the evil toothbrushes into the dishwasher and cooks with hot water. Thatl fix em! Try it!
Miss Peach >(^,^)<
PS: Is that being bad? I hope not becauze I want to become a pink lady. I think they havta B good.

snowforest said...

Toothbrushes are certainly evil Mao. Your bravery is an example for all cats!

Forty Paws said...

Goodness. We dint no toofbrushes wuz evil. We will attack dem in da fewchur.

Luf, Us

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

deer mao,
yer assinement fer today iz to work da word "toothbrush" in a poem fer ariel.
good luck.
luv--yer grate frend--jh

Parker said...

Wow, danger everywhere we look! Evil toothbrushes, I hadn't thought of that!

Daisy said...

Mao, I love the expression on your face!

Ali & Fiona said...

We are going to keep a eye on those tooth thingies.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

hahahaha you are both naughty!!!



Lux said...

I'm with you on those toothbrushes!

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm very proud of you.Your a very brave boy and you can come and kill my toothbrushes anytime...Love and kitty kisses Ariel

Karen Jo said...

Hmmm, I never noticed it before, but toothbrushes do look like evil coffee stirrers. Maybe that's why your Mom keeps them locked up in those hole things. Maybe they are safe as long as they are in those holes.

Kimo and Sabi said...

Oh...them toofy brushes are pure eeeeevil! Why would we let something in our mouths that was used to clean bathroom grout? Are we stoopid?!

Anita said...

Wow! You are crazy for Ariel's bones.e Muhahaha!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Toothbrushes are horrible and evil. Next time you will succeed and save the family from terror!


Toffee K. Ripple Fuzzypants & Feline American Angels said...

I haven't seen deadly, evil toothbrushes in their natural habitat! Mom's sits on a little stand and has a blinky light. Hmmm ... I'm gonna have to investigate!

Mr. Hendrix said...

Wow Mao! You sure are brave. Do you ever get your teeth brushed? You'll really want to kill those things then. Careful Dorydoo, next time Mao might just get you!

Bendrix sayz that is a very good trick tho. snicker.