Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mike the Mysterious Visits Us Ballicai!

MaoMao here! This is cross-posted on Mike's Portal. Wowie, what a wunnerful time us Ballicai had with Mike the Mysterious when he visited us! He teleported ofur last Friday to spend a week with us. We'll tell some tales of what-all went on while he was here and share some pickshures, too, but first of all, here's our answurs to his inturview questhuns.

1. How long have you lived with your bean(s)?

Brainball: Six years. I've been with Mom and Dad the longest, and I'm also the Alpha Cat. Hence I am Ballicus the First, or Ballicus I!

Dorydoo: Almost three years. I've been with Mom and Dad since I was an eight-week-old kitten.

Marilyn: Come December 1, I will have been with Mom and Dad for a full year!

MaoMao: My first Gotcha Day will be on February 19 of next year, so I've been with Momma and Daddy fur about eight monthies now.

2. Do you have a favorite bean?

Brainball: I love Mom and Dad equally, but Dad and I share a special Alpha Bond (I'm the Alpha Cat and he's the Alpha Human). Also, I love being vigorously massaged, and Dad gives the best rubs and massages ever!

Dorydoo: I love both Mommy and Daddy, but I'm especially close to Mommy. I adore walking on her when she's in bed, snoozing in her lap, and I love when she talks to me and calls me her Good Little Girl.

Marilyn: Like Dorydoo, I love both Mom and Dad, but I'm especially close to Mom. I spend a lot of time in her lap. Life would be just perfect if I could lie in her lap twenty-four hours a day.

MaoMao: I love both Momma and Daddy, but I'm espeshully close to my Daddy. Me and him have a furry speshul and close bond. Before I came into the housie, I hung out inna garage with him and helped him with his projeckts. My Daddy is the most wunnerful bean inna whole wide wurld.

3. What's your favorite food?

Brainball: Believe it or not -- squash! Mom has been giving me squash to help me with my hairball and constipation tendencies, and I just LOVE it. And stinky goodness, of course. I'm also fond of peanuts!

Dorydoo: Turkey and giblet stinky goodness, mmmmmm mmmmm GOOD! And tuna.

Marilyn: Hmmm, I have to agree with Dorydoo: turkey and giblet stinky goodness!

MaoMao: Just about EFFURYTHING. But I love stinky goodness, toona, Temptayshuns, and cheddur cheese.

4. What's your favorite treat?

All the Ballicai, in kitty chorale: TEMPTAYSHUNS / Temptations!

5. Where do you like to sleep?

Brainball: in laundry, fresh out of the dryer. Mom does washing in the morning then keeps clean laundry on the bed for us Ballicai most of the day, every day, and folds it late at night before she and Daddy go to bed. I also like to lie on Mom's legs and on Dad's lap.

Dorydoo: in laundry on the bed, under the covers on Mom and Dad's bed (in what they call a Little DoryLump), on the purr pads, on Mom's lap.

Marilyn: Mom's lap, the purr pads, the basket, Mom's lap, the purr pads, Dad's lap, and did I mention Mom's lap? *giggle*

MaoMao: on the scratchie pads, in the reckliner, in the laundry onna bed, in the casserole dishies, on toppa the package of papur towels, on the rug in my lair (the baffroom) and sometimes efun undur the rug, inna vacuum cleanur bag, on Dad's and Mom's laps

6. Do you dream? What are your dreams about?

Brainball: my lovely Patches Lady, my Alpha Cat Patrols, successful hunts

Dorydoo: my crush Earl Grey, playing with MaoMao, playing with my toys

Marilyn: my darling Mickeybear, eating stinky goodness, my darling Mickeybear, and eating stinky goodness

MaoMao: my sweetiepie Ariel, spazzin' all ofur the housie like a kooky kittyboy

7. Do you like fluffheads, you know, those crafty little creatures with fiberfill for brains?

Brainball: I sure do! You're a great fellow, Mike. And you've helped me to better appreciate our resident fluffheads.

Dorydoo: Yes! Fluffheads are FUN! Especially when they're mysterious, like you, Mike.

Marilyn: Certainly! Fluffheads are fun and friendly.

MaoMao: I love you, Mike -- you've beckome one of my bestest furriends! -- but I still don't like that STOOPID ol' stuffed Meezer who sits onna piano. I think he's plottin' to ofurthrow me or somethin.

8. How many fluffheads live with you and your bean?

All the Ballicai: ten.

9. Do you get along with your fluffheads? Really?

Brainball: Sure. They respect my position as Alpha Cat.

Dorydoo: They're fun! I like to bunnykick them.

Marilyn: Yes, they are pleasant and agreeable housemates.

MaoMao: I like 'em all ecksept fur that STOOPID stuffed Meezer.

10. Do have a special fluffhead friend?

Brainball: Don't tell MaoMao (I don't like to rub it in), but of the fluffheads, I get along best with the stuffed Meezer.

Dorydoo: I like the big green FROGGIE!

Marilyn: My favorite is Ms. Patchwork Cat. She's quite elegant.

MaoMao: The little brown dawg is my bestest fluffhead furriend, othur than you, Mike. And I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear what Brainball just saided (ptooey-tooey-tooey!).

11. Do your fluffheads ever talk to you? Do they talk to your beans, you know, like I can transmit my thoughts to one special bean in my house?

Brainball: The stuffed Meezer talks to me sometimes. He's very polite. He tells me how much he likes Mao and wishes they could be friends.

Dorydoo: The FROGGIE doesn't say much but RIBBIT-croak, RIBBIT-croak!

Marilyn: Ms. Patchwork Cat seldom speaks except once in a while, to say a soft "meow." She has a great deal of decorum.

MaoMao: That STOOPID stuffed Meezer's always sayin' to me how much he wants to ofurthrow me and beckome the Meezer of the Housie and stuff me inna closet or somethin'! Don't listen to Brainball. That stuffed Meezer's got him bamboozled!

12. You have a very nice place here; tell me about your weather and your surroundings, what is it like outside your house? (Mountains, seaside, desert, woods, etc.)

MaoMao, speakin' fur alla us Ballicai: livin' in East Tennessee is purretty kool. We have all four seasons with diff'rent weathur for each one, and we live in the Appalachian Mountains, so there are mountains and woodsies all around.

13. Are you an inside only cat or do you get to go outside?

All the Ballicai: we are all inside-only kitties.

14. Do you keep secrets from your beans? Sometimes Gretchen and I conspire against her mom bean in the middle of the night. It really freaks her out. Do you do things like that?

Brainball: No, I don't do that -- part of my job as Alpha Cat is to prevent conspiracy and the like in our household. I simply cannot allow subversive activity which violates chain of command.

Dorydoo: *in a whisper, so Brainball won't hear* -- MaoMao and I conspire sometimes about doing mischievous young kitty things, out of Mom and Dad's sight and hearing!

Marilyn: Sometimes I conspire with the paper towels. I like to shred them when Mom and Dad aren't looking.

MaoMao: What Dorydoo said! hehehehehehe........ (but don't tell Brainball!)

15. Have you been gifted with any hidden talents?

All the Ballicai: we all know how to teleport, and we also know how to project ourselves elsewhere while we're sleeping. That is, when we're supposedly taking a nap somewhere, Mom and Dad often see us hanging out somewhere else, out of the corner of their eyes. But when they look directly, we vanish. We're all extremely good at that!

16. Is there anything in your house that bothers you? That you're afraid of?

Brainball: Because I'm a big, tough Alpha Mancat, I'm ashamed to admit this, but here goes: I'm afraid of spiders. And I'm not fond of thunderstorms, either.

Dorydoo: I hate thunderstorms, the air compressor, and the sucky-monster "vacuum cleaner!" *shudder*

Marilyn: This will sound very weird, but sometimes shiny, reflective things freak me out. And I loathe the broom. Despicable, horrid thing.

MaoMao: I ain't a-skeered of NUTHIN', not efun thunderboomers!

17. Do you stalk and capture real live critters like mice, spiders and stuff? What kinds of critters do you stalk? Do you eat what you catch?

Brainball: You bet! I love to catch and eat bugs. Well, except for spiders. I'm a bit afraid of them, sigh.

Dorydoo: Bugs, bugs, bugs! They're fun to hunt, and yummy, too.

Marilyn: I like to hunt then eat the occasional insect.

MaoMao: BUGGIES, YUMMY YUMMY IN MY TUMMY! I love to hunt. I am a Mighty Huntur. And once when a mousie gotted inna housie, I caughted him, too, ecksept my Daddy took him away from me before I could eat him, DAGNABBIT!

18. Do you have siblings or housemates? Do you get along with them?

Brainball: I get along best with MaoMao and Dorydoo -- I love playing and wrestling with them, but when their youthful energy outstrips my own, I like to watch their antics. And I love sleeping and snuggling with both of them. Marilyn and I are more distant, but we still love each other.

Dorydoo: I love Brainball. He's my big brother and kitty father-figure. And more and more, I enjoy MaoMao (even though when he first came, I wanted to kick his fuzzy butt)! He's a whole lot of fun, and he can keep pace with me -- he wears me out sometimes, actually! Marilyn is... okay, even if she is kind of a prisspot.

Marilyn: Honestly, I'm more of a people-cat than a cat-cat. I like Mom and Dad better than my kitty siblings, but they are all right at a distance. My favorite of my siblings is MaoMao. I guess it's because with him being so young, he makes me feel somewhat maternal.

MaoMao: I LOVE EFURRYKITTY! Brainball is the bestest big bruther and Alpha Cat inna wurld -- I respeckt him so much and I'm always follerin him all ofur the housie and tryin' to do efurrything he does. I also love my sistur Dorydoo. She's a tomboy gurl and furry ennergetic and fun to play and rassle with. And I love to chase Marilyn around the housie and play pawsies with her undur doors!

19. Do you have a sweetheart?

Brainball: Yes, the lovely Patches Lady of the Big Piney Woods Cats.

Dorydoo: I have one heck of a crush on handsome Earl Grey of the Furry Kids!

Marilyn: Indeed, I do. I'm devoted to my darling Mickeybear -- Mickey Mantle, the New York Whitester Legend.

MaoMao: Yeah, I sure do -- the bee-yootiful Sweet Ariel is my sweetiepie!

20. What is your most fun activity?

Brainball: getting massages from Dad.

Dorydoo: wrestling with MaoMao and Brainball, playing the Foodie Game, splashing water out of the bowl, tearing around the house as though my butt's on fire, and SQUEEKING, SQUEEKING, SQUEEKING

Marilyn: cuddling with Mom and snoozing and snuggling and purring and writing poetry and dreaming of my Mickeybear.

MaoMao: spazzin' all ofur the housie, , killin' evil coffee stirrers, playin' with toilet papur core and milkie rings, shreddin' paper towels, climbin up my Momma and Daddy's leggies, playin' with watur, and sharpenin' my clawsies on my Momma's butt.


That was a kool interview, Mike! Alla us Ballicai enjoyed answurin the queschuns. Okeydokeys, now fur some more fun stuffies! Such as the advenchures us Ballicai had with Mike.

Here's a pickshure of me and Mike togethur. Ain't his sun-glassies neat-o?

We beckame superduper great furriends! Mike is so much fun. He's called Mike the Mysterious, but I think he oughta be called Mike the Mischievous! He liked playin' alla my games with me, but he espeshully liked my foodie game -- battin' pieces of foodie outta the bowl and battin' 'em around the kitchen. I eat the pieces after battin 'em around, but Mike never eated 'em, he only batted 'em. While Mike was here, Momma kept findin' all kindsa extra pieces of foodies that Dorydoo or I didn't bat out and that we didn't eat!

Alla us Ballicai liked to groom Mike, too. Since he's a fluffhead kitty, his furs are diff'runt form our furs. We liked his texture, his furs are really KOOL! So Mike should be superduper clean because we Ballicai groomed him so much.

Here's a pickshure of Dorydoo givin' Mike groomin' lessons. Mike liked watchin' alla the funny positions us non-fluffheaded kitties get into when we're washin'. And you can see the Catnip Bananer at Dorydoo's paw. Mike liked that, too! Mike's funny when he gets 'nipped out. Catnip has strange effeckts on fluffhead kitties. It made Mike teleport all ofur the house at top speed so all we saw of him while he was nipped out was a black blur zippin' and zappin' effurywhere, just like black lightning!

Here's a pickshure of Marilyn posin' with Mike! They were inna kitchen togethur, when Marilyn was givin him a tour of our housie. He met the fluffheads Momma keeps on top of the piano. He liked alla the fluffheads, but he told that STOOPID stuffed Meezer to be nicur to me! Yahoo, Mike!

And here's a pickshure of Mike up on the window perchie with Brainball and Marilyn. As you can see, he was furry innarested in the innaresting sights out the window. He was takin' notes! Sometimes he'd see an outdoor kitty, but there are lots of rabbits, squirrels, and birdies out there to watch, too.

Brainball and Marilyn gotted into a spew the night that pickshure was taken 'cuz Brainball saw something out the window, maybe an outdoor kitty, and he wanted to show Mike what a big, tuff Alpha Cat he is. Mike was impressed, but Brainball made Marilyn nervous, so her and Brainball spatted (not a fight, just hiss and spew). Since Brainball's been feelin' bettur, he's really feelin' his oats!

While Mike was here, Momma kept hearin' funny things -- like one night, she heard a thumpety thumpety thump and it turned out Brainball was groomin' Mike inna bathtub!

And Mike added a lot of extra fun when me and Brainball and Dorydoo would play Thunderin' Herd of Eleffants -- since he's so good at telleporting, he'd appear, disappear, and appear again, to make us run around efun more. Me and Dorydoo are always full of energy, but when Mike was here, we were efun more so!

And Mike also helped Brainball with feelin' bettur -- part of the time he was here Brainball was still on his meds, and good ol' Mike helped talk Brainball into lettin' Momma medicate him easier. So Momma is furry, furry grateful to Mike.

We love Mike the Mysterious! He is WAY KOOL. He can come and visit us Ballicai anytime he wants -- he is always welkome in our housie. And if any of youkitties would like Mike to come visit you, let Gretchen know either at her bloggie or at Mike's portal.

We Ballicai are continuing to purr as hard as we can for preshus Miss Peachy. Miss Peachy, please, please, please, please, please eat and get bettur soon. We love you so much. And we're sendin' love and purrs to yur sweet Momma and Lapdaddy.

Thankies to MontyQ fur the beeyootiful graffick.


michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Dear Chairman Mao,

I started a cherish meme, and I tag you.
This meme is for Miss Peach, hoping contacting our love and bring to Miss Peach~!

Sincerely yours,
Adan & michico

Mr. Chen and Ollie said...

Mao Mao, what a great interview! We loved reading all your answers to Mike's questions. You guys are all so great! Happy Weekend! We are purring and purring for Miss Peachy, too!

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Dear Brainball, Chairmn Mao and Dorydoo and beautiful Marilyn,
I take a very long time to read each detail of your interview~
That is very amazing ~! And so happy to learn you guys more~!
Now I can understand why Marilyn is so unique and Brainball is very man of all~!

And the keep secret things makes me smile about your answers. I think that is very difficult to hide something in front of our human~ They are bigger than us, our movement, they watch each detail. That is really diffcult. I think the thing we could hide is, everyday they might watching us doing very surprising adorable movement to let them feel happy~! Yes, doing amazing things to them maybe is the things that we hide at our normal time.

And I am very happy for Mike, he visit such a great family, not everyone could have such a pleasure. He must be very happy as well.

Sincerely yours,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,

Me and mom love this post.Don't worry about that fluffhead Meezer.Your always be the #1 Meezer to me and if he locks you in the closet I'll kick his stuffed but.Also you can come over and snuggle anytime I love cheddar and I will share...Love and Many Kissies Your Ariel