Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dorydoo's Baby Book Onna Bloggie

My furriend Fiona told me that as she grows, she looks more and more like my sistur, Dorydoo. And when I look at pickshures of Fi, it amazes me how much she looks like Dorydoo when Dorydoo was a kitten!

Fiona's mommy asked if my momma has pickshures of Dorydoo as a kitten, and boy doez she efur! So I told her I'd post some. Here's kind of a kronology of Dorydoo -- watch her grow up before your eyes, hehehe!

Here's ittybitty Dorydoo, her first day here. She was only two months old.

And here's another picture of Dorydoo at two months old.

Here's little Dorydoo at three months old, playin' in the dustpan.

And here's anothur pickshure of Dorydoo at three months old. She's cuddlin' with Brainball, who's our Big Tuff Alpha Cat Gurl, but she's a softy under all her tuffness and quickly became like a second momma to Dorydoo.

Here's Dorydoo at almost four months old. You can really see the red highlights in her furs here, even though mostly she looks like a jet black kitty. And her eyes are really goldifying, too!

Here's Dorydoo at five months old. Doesn't she look feisty? She's gotta real spunky purrsonality, and from what Momma sez, she was extra-spunky when she was a kitten.

Here's Dorydoo at six months old, and she's startin' to look more and more like her big-girl self.

Here's Dorydoo at seven months old:

And at nine months old:

And here's a pickshure of her on her first birthday, on the window perchie with Brainball.

Here she is at one-and-a-half:

Here she is at two years old:

And here she is at two and a half (she'll turn three in October).

I'm furry proud of Dorydoo. Not only is she furry, furry bee-yootiful but she's furry, furry smart -- she's something of a Kitty Genius. And she and me are gettin' along bettur and bettur alla time. She didn't like me at first cuz we're close to the same age and she saw me as her rival. But just the othur day we were rasslin', and more and more she plays chase with me! Yippee!

It really made Momma smile, pickin' out these pickshures. It was like relivin' Dory's growin' up years, and it made her all happymushy.


Ali & Fiona said...

Wow Dorydoo it is like looking in the mirror. My eyes just started turning to gold in the last month & at two months I had the same baby fuzz furs! In the light I have reddish tints too & tiger stripes (do you have tiger stripes?)You are one of my idols because you are so smart and beautiful, I know if I take after you I will be a great kitty!

MaoMao said...

Hi there, Fi! This is Dorydoo here, using MaoMao's account. Wow, you are such a lovely little girl, and yes, looking at you is like looking into a mirror at how I looked when I was a kiddo. And *laughing*, I did have tiger stripes when I was little, and even today when I lay, at just the right angle, on the window perch in the sunshine, Mom still can see them.

Thank you for saying I am one of your idols -- that's so sweet of you! I'm honored, and I'm pleased as punch to be a mentor / big sister to you. You are a great little girl, Fi, and I know that you will grow up to be a stunning, smart, and purr-sonable girlcat!

Love and cuddles,


Gretchen said...

Dorydoo is a very pretty, sleeky, silky cat. I'm three, too. I love her eyes.


michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Dorydoo is really like your sister~!
Thank you for sharing those pictures, black cat means very good luck in Japanese, so I love black cat very very much~!
Very time I see black time I got great lucky and good mood.

Happy July 4th to you~!

Karen Jo said...

We really can see Dorydoo grow up before our eyes with those pictures. I love them.

Anonymous said...

That are lovely pictures brother! She is a real cutie!

Parker said...

Awwwww, we all loved watching Dorydoo grow up! Thanks!

Daisy said...

What a fun Dorydoo retrospective! I knew Dorydoo was a cute baby because she is so beautiful now.

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