Saturday, June 16, 2007

Snoozy Saturday

So we Ballicai were snoozin' away... Brainball onna bed, Dorydoo onna JVC, me onna cat perch (well, Marilyn wuz onna bed, but she'll post her pikshure on her own bloggie cuz I think she's workin' on another poem for Mick -- hehehe, I can hear Jeter sayin' 'duhr!').

And what does Momma do but whip out the flashy box and start takin' pikshures. I swear, she wears that thing out!

Here's Brainball, she didn't even notice the flashy box.

And here's Dorydoo, she kinda gave Mom a look. Dorydoo's good at givin' looks.

But I sat up and grumped at Momma. She messed up a nice dream I was havin' of my bee-yootiful girlkittyfurriend, Ariel!

And if you biggify this pikshure of my face, you can see me grumpin' at Momma real good... even a little bit of my tongue.

Y'know, I think His Royal Hiyghness Yao-lin has a real good idea, talkin' about the proper trainin' of beans!!


Anonymous said...

Hi My Sweet Mao,

Awww you all look so cute.It's nice to know you were dreaming about me
(blush)...Love and Kisses Your Ariel

The Cat Realm said...

Sweet pictures!
You are invited to a lizard BBQ at The Cat Realm!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Hi MaoMao, you do look pretty crabby there. I was very crabby with mom today. She tried to pinch me and that just really ticked me off.
Brainball and Dorydoo look very restful and happy.


Forty Paws said...

Hi Mao! Don't those stoopid beans take things too far sumtymes?

Luf, Us

Gretchen said...

All ya'll look so compfy. I've been snoozing all day too.
Don't have any coffee stirers. Besides, they'd get lost under the fridge and the dust bunnies would keep them hidden forever.

Anonymous said...

Hi brother!
How are you?
I was sleeping a lot yesterday too. Today I went hunting and caught a RAT! I am pretty proud of myself.
Have a purrfect sunday!

Daisy said...
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Daisy said...

You all look very sweet! Mao, I like your grumpy-cute-face. My Mommie wants to cuddle with Brainball. And I want to play with Dorydoo!

Myst (Muddy's Brother) said...

Such good-looking kitties there!

Parker said...

Hi guys! Naps are great and we have had our share of them this weekend. Now it's time to take another one!