Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to Momma from the Ballicai!

A lady named Brenda Ascott Fry wrote:

"This world has jewels, money, land
position, power, and mansions grand
But a mother's love more precious far,
than all these other treasures are."

Ain't it the truth! We love you, Momma!

(Marilyn's wishin' Momma a Happy Mother's Day on her bloggie.)


Daisy said...

Oh, another beautiful photo! Happy Mother's Day!

Mr. Chen and Ollie said...

What a great group photo! Hope your Mommy had a great Mother's Day!
Mr. Chen & Ollie

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

i hope yer mom hadda grate mudder'z day. mine wuz talkin to da 2-legz abowt marilyn an mickey! (duhr!)
luv--yer grate frend--jh

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Purrs and Purrs - we hope you had a beautiful day. Sending love...

MaoMao said...

Hi, everybodies! I hope all your mommas had a great Mother's Day, too! And hehehe about the picture. It's kinda hard for Momma to get a picture of the three of us 'cause Dorydoo and I don't always get along too good. I think she's afraid I'll give her boycooties or somethin'.

Momma had a great Mother's Day -- all us Ballicai gave her lotsa purrs and lovies.

hehehe, Jeter buddy! My momma was talking to Daddy about Mickey and Marilyn, too! And oh yeah, I hear ya, "Duhr!"

Lotsa huggies and purrs to Megan, such a wonderful catmommy you are -- alla us Ballicai send our love and kitty kisses and headbonkies, too.

Around Your Wrist said...

happy mother's day to your momma, mao! that picture is great.

i'm glad you gave your momma lots of loving today. she deserves it!


Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

boycooties - hahahah poor little Rimbaud is the only bad kitten boy... he may get girl cooties with those Bad Girl Kittens Five- erm Four.

Bukowski is one of our favorites! We like to eat the covers of his books, they taste good. That human gets mad. That's so neat your Mama likes him too. Do you eat the covers too?

And that Kitten Bukowski moons over our mama... geesh talk about gush. I heard rumors that she wanted to keep her too.

Sometimes Humans are weird. Especially since she has me, Zed Monster. Why she would want another one ... hmmmm

Isn't it nice she only lets me comment and and not blog. She is afraid I will tell all her secrets. Like running out of Cat Nip or Treats or closing Toilet Lids. Or not buying me more makeups brushes... Ut Oh - busted... must run and look innocent.


MaoMao said...

Hiya, Suzanne! Thanks, and I hope your momma had a great Mother's Day, too. You're such a great girlcat and I'm sure you made it superduper for her!

Hiya, Zed Monster! It's so great to talk with ya. I think you and me've got lots in common and will make great buddies. I'm barely a year old, so I've still gotta whole lotta kitten in me, and I'm superduper mischievous, always lookin' for stuff to get into.

Both me and Brainball like to chew on paper and sometimes Momma finds kitty teethie marks in her books. She doesn't care much about the toothie marks as long as we don't tear nothin' up real bad. And yeah Bukowski's books taste real good!

hehehe that your momma closes toilet lids! I love the toilet critter, don't you? I especially love that big flushy it does and I like to watch the water go swirlin' down. I get down real low to watch and one time I almost fell in. Oopsie!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Parker said...

HMD to your mommy!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

This is a wonderful picture of all of you.
Happy Mothers day to your momma!!

Anita said...

Happy Mothers Day to your mommie!!