Thursday, October 12, 2006


Meet Snowball.

She's the leader of the Majestic Cabal of Outdoor Ballicai. The Majestic Cabal are a group of indoor/outdoor kitties who belong to various neighbors. They've attached themselves to hubby and me and get treats and snuggles at our Back Porch Bed and Breakfast.

Snowball is the leader because what she says goes. She might be a teeny white cat, but she rules with her teeny white paw. If the other kitties get too close to her, they get clobbered. If they get too close to hubby or me while Snowball is around, they get clobbered. If they try to eat food Snowball doesn't want them to eat, guess what... they get clobbered.

I'd say Snowball has a Napoleonic complex, but she's too sweet. She's a hardass with other cats, but with humans she's a lap cat--cuddlebeast--droolmonster--lovebug.

And she doesn't meow. She mewps. Yup, MEWP.

Simply too cute for words.

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